Natural Stone

Our company specialise in importing Marble, Travertine and Onyx for the UK market.

Each of these Natural Stone has its own properties and characteristics and you can create fantastic effects for your kitchen, bathroom or outdoor area. There is no doubt that the correct stone, with the right finish and installed by a professional marble tiler will create a unique touch of luxury to any home.

For tiles, we recommend that you use 20 mm thick stone but in the UK this is very difficult and expensive to source. Historically, Marble has been used all over the continent but in the UK this is not a stone that has been used extensively and therefore suppliers do not have access to the quarries and the network needed to import the best quality stone as reasonable price.

All our marble is sourced directly from the quarries owners, we visit the yards, select the blocks or slabs from which our tiles are made. Of course Marble is a natural stone and therefore variations will occur but this is also what makes it unique.

Onyx is a special translucent stone which is used in specialised display and with a back-light can create amazing effects.

Travertine is well-known in the UK for being the beige rustic floor tile that is used in kitchens or outdoor. The Travertine that we source is different and comparable to marble. Very high quality, amazing colours, and can be used in bathroom, kitchen or outdoor.

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